Source of fuel in Bangladesh :2015

Straw/leaf/jute sticks or husks are the most frequently used fuels in Bangladesh . Use of these materials was reported by 55.8 percent residents of the urban area and 93.0 percent of the rural area. Division-wise distribution shows that

division has the least (62%) use of these fuels, while the highest use (91.1%) was reported in Rangpur division.
The overall use of gas is only about 19.7 percent in 2015 showing an increase of 30 percent over the last one

Source of fuel Total Rural Urban
Straw/Leaf 30.7 44 11.4
Husk 3 3 2.9
Jutestick/wood/bamb 44.2 46 41.5
Kerosene 0.4 0.3 0.6
Electricity 1.1 0.2 2.4
Gas 19.7 5.5 40.5
Others 0.9 1 0.8


In urban area, a little more 40 percent of the households have access to gas as against 5.5 percent in rural
households. Among the divisions, Dhaka has the highest use rate (36.9%) of gas and Rangpur the lowest (5.5%).
The use pattern of gas in 2015 is consistent with the one in 2014 although level of use has shown some change