Rate of divorce and marriage in #Bangladesh

The marital status composition of SVRS area by residence and geographic divisions are presented in Table
for each sex separately. A close view of the results on marital status presented in the table under reference
shows that about 60 percent of the males and over 64 percent of the females are currently married.

This feature
of marital status prevails in both urban and rural areas. Single population accounts for about 39.0 in the case of
males and a little over 26 percent of females. In Sylhet division, proportions of males and females remaining
single are higher (47.2% versus 34.2%) compared to other divisions. The incidence of singleness is the least
(34.3% for males and 22.1% for females) in Rajshahi division.The incidence of widowhood is more prevalent
(8.5%) among the women than among the men (1.1%) for the overall sample

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