Bangabhaban – Office of President of Bangladesh

The Official Residence-cum-Office of the Honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. ‘Bangabhaban’ means the “Edifice of Bengal’ or ‘House of Bengal’.
The website provides an overview of the past history, glory and heritage associated with Bangabhaban.The history part of the site enumerates this overview going through the passage of time dating back and forth from pre colonial era up to present day Bangladesh.
Besides,the site gives insight into functions and responsibilities of the Honourable President who is the Head of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Defense Forces. .

The Constitutional responsibilities of the President include:

The Appointments of the Prime Minister and other Ministers, Ministers of State and Deputy Ministers[Article 56(1)of the Constitution ];

The Appointments of the Chief Justice and other Judges after consultation with the Chief Justice[Article 95(1)of the Constitution ];Chairman and other Members of the Public Service Commission[Article 138(1)of the Constitution ];the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners[Article 118(1)of the Constitution ];the Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh[Article 127(1)of the Constitution ];the Attorney General of Bangladesh[Article 64(1)of the Constitution ];

Administering oath of the Prime Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker, members of the Cabinet and Chief Justice[Article 148 of the Constitution,3rd schedule ];

Summoning, prorogation of sessions and dissolution of Parliament by public notification [Article 72(1)of the Constitution ];

Promulgation of Ordinance when the Parliament is not in session or stands dissolved [Article 93 of the Constitution];

Supreme Command of the Defense Services[Article 61 of the Constitution ].