Historical floods and its damage records : Bangladesh

Yea Location Damage
1781 Western part of sylhet district.
1786 Meghna
1794 Gumti
1822 Bakerganj division and Patuakhali subdivision, 39,940 people died; 19,000 cattle perished
1825 Bakerganj and adjoining regions
1838 Rajshahi and a number of other districts Heavy rainfall caused extensive inundation at Rajshahi,
1853 West of Sylhet district
1864 The greater part of Rajshahi town
1865 Rajshahi district.
1867 Bakerganj
1871 Rajshahi and a few other districts
1876 Barisal and patuakhali Meghna overflowed by about 6.71m,a total of about 215,000 people died, cholera broke out immediately
1879 Tista
1885 Satkhira subdivision of khulna district
1890 Satkhira
1900 Bhagirathi, Satkhira
1902 Sylhet
1904 Mymensingh.
1954 Dhaka Dhaka district went under water. On August 1 flood peak of the jamuna river Sirajganj was 14.22m and on August 30 flood peak of the Ganges river at
hardinge bridge was 14.91m
1955 Dhaka Flooded more than 30% of Dhaka district,
1966 Dhaka, Sylhet
1968 Sylhet district
1969 Chittagong district
1974 Mymensingh
1987 Western side of the Brahmaputra
1988 Catastrophic flood, inundated about 82,000 sq km (about 60% of the area)
and estimated return period to be 50-100 years; Rainfall together with
synchronisation of very high flows of all the three major rivers of the country
in only three days aggravated the flood, flood lasted 15 to 20 days.
1998 Two-thirds of the total area of Bangladesh. Worst flood in recorded history; a combination of heavy rainfall within and outside the country, synchronisation of peak flows of the major rivers and a
very strong backwater effect coalesced into a mix; flooded over two-thirds of
the total area of Bangladesh, lasted for more than two months, damaged a